EAST CHINA COMPANY LIMITED is the EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIVE for East Asia (Macao, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam , Laos) of EUROPLASTIC SRL from Romania.

Driven by the motto “Who knows us… wins!”, SC EUROPLASTIC SRL welcomes its customers with a wide range of products and services in the construction field.

EUROPLASTIC company is based on the rich experience and on the latest technologies, being specialized in the production of:

 Insulation products  Waterproofing products  Epoxy paints  Polyurethane paints  Epoxy floors  Polyurethane floors  Washable paints  Decorative plasters  Plasters for ocle/bases  Adhesives  Decorative Concrete  Green Roofs

EUROPLASTIC dispose of research laboratories and highly experienced teams in the production and application of thermal-water-sound proofing with polyurethane foam and polyurea, as well as in the application of epoxy-polyurethane-polyurea flooring.

With an experience of 25 years, EUROPLASTIC specialize in waterproofing, thermal insulation, production of special paints, primers and adhesives for sports grounds. Also, they are constantly developing and constantly experimenting with new products to meet the growing market demand. Important to note is that EUROPLASTIC products have high quality at prices as low.

EUROPLASTIC company is ISO 9001 certified and respects the highest standards of production. The Company’s services also respect the highest standards of quality of procedure, so that at the end of each project they leave every client happy.