Another focus activity of East Asia Company is veterinary pharma. Having a good collaboration with one of the oldest Institute in the world, East Asia Company is promoting and selling Pasteur’s veterinary vaccines and medicines in Middle East area.

Pasteur's Product Categories and Catalogs

About Pasteur

THE PASTEUR INSTITUTE was founded in 1895. It has been a benchmark institution for the Romanian veterinary medicine for over 100 years in the field of scientific research in veterinary pathology.
The Pasteur Institute is presently a solid company in the field of research and development, with expertise in: animal health, environmental protection, animal welfare, veterinary public hygiene, epidemiology and diagnostics.
A diagnostic center of nine laboratories of bacteriology, virology, parasitology,
mycology-mycotoxicology, nutritional and metabolic disorders, toxicology, morphophathology-electron microscopy, serology and epidemiology is functioning within the institute.
The Center performs diagnostic activities for the animal farms all over Romania as well as serodiagnostic activities within the national epidemiological surveillance programs,
epidemiological surveillance, disease control and prophylaxis, veterinary consulting and auditing. The production of vaccines, diagnostic kits and veterinary drugs represents the most developed sector. With a portfolio of over 400 products for pets or reared in industrial systems, the products manufactured at Pasteur Filipesti Branch provides most of the pharmaceutical products needed in the field of veterinary medicine in Romania and exports them in many other countries all over the world.
The company owns a portfolio of 37 pharmaceutical tablet form products. 20 drinkable solutions and suspensions form products are manufactured on automatic lines strictly monitored. In the department of injectables, there are manufactured 41 products in the sterile ward.